Saturday, November 14, 2009
New Support for Jewish Intermarriage
A good friend of mine recently got married to a great Jewish guy. She is an emergent Christian who is an active part of a Presbyterian emerging church. As you can imagine, there are some unique challenges that go along with a committed Christians marrying a practicing Jew. In characteristic fashion, my friend has enthusiastically dived head-first into these challenges and is passionate about helping others who are also experiencing them. As part of this she has started a new blog called Fifty Percenters: in praise of the non-traditional Jewish family. As she put it to me:
I am working on a blog project with a woman in Montreal that is trying to create an online community of people who are engaging Judaism in non-traditional ways. We are trying to move beyond the discussion of whether or not intermarriage will destroy the Jewish people by working from the premise that it will not, that it is here to stay and that some of us need to take leadership roles for how to constructively help Judaism adapt to this new dynamic.

It seems like a worthwhile project to me. If you or anyone you know are touched by this issue of Jewish intermarriage or you're interested in simply being a support or finding our more, I'd encourage you to check it out and pass along the link to others.


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