Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Defining Images
Julie posted this game where you type your answers to the following survey questions into Google Images and post the funniest picture that comes up for each of them. Here are mine:

1. First name: Mike

2. Middle name: Paul

3. Last name: Clawson

Hey, I know her! :)

4. Age on your next birthday: 28


5. Favorite Color: black

6. Place where you want to live: Austin

7. Place where you actually live: Yorkville

8. A habit you have: blogging

George W Bush, the 9th heir of Sauron in the 6th Age of Man

...what this has to do with blogging, I don't know.

9. Favorite food: seafood

10. Favorite animal: dragon

Does a dragon count as an animal?

11. Your religion: Christian

This is messed up on so many levels

12. Dream job: computer game tester :D


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