Monday, September 17, 2007
Fake Pastors
So apparently there's a whole bunch of new "fake pastor" blogs out there: satirical sites that purport to be by well-known Christian pastors and teachers. lists a number of them, including:

Fake Al Mohler

Fake Benny Hinn
Fake Brian McLaren
Fake Ed Young Jr.
Fake Joel Osteen
Fake John Hagee
Fake John Maxwell
Fake Mark Driscoll
Fake Rob Bell

I think they're unconnected to this site, but I've also heard of a fake "Secret Diary of D.A. Carson". Apparently it's all patterned after the Fake Steve Jobs site which allows tech geeks to lampoon their own industry.

Anyhow, obviously the value of these sites is debatable (see my previous post about satire) but so far none of them that I've perused have seemed exceptionally mean-spirited. Most seem pretty light-hearted and funny. At least, I wasn't offended by the ones that lampooned my emerging church friends. I don't know how the ones satirizing the more conservative folks come across to their fans.


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