Monday, October 01, 2007
Holy Rage
The idea of Divine Wrath is a difficult one for most people today to accept. And yet, I think that until we have seen the fruits of oppression and injustice first hand, we can't really know what it means for God to be angry at the destruction of lives caused by sin. I was reminded of this in a quote by Kaj Munk, a Danish playwright and priest who spoke out against injustice in his time and was killed by the Gestapo in 1944. He wrote:
What is, therefore, our task today? Shall I answer: "Faith, hope, and love"? That sounds beautiful. But I would say - courage. No, even that is not challenging enough to be the whole truth. Our task today is recklessness. For what we Christians lack is not psychology or literature... we lack a holy rage - the recklessness which comes from the knowledge of God and humanity. The ability to rage when justice lies prostrate on the streets, and when the lie rages across the face of the earth... a holy anger about the things that are wrong in the world. To rage against the ravaging of God's earth, and the destruction of God's world. To rage when little children must die of hunger, when the tables of the rich are sagging with food. To rage at the senseless killing of so many, and against the madness of militaries. To rage at the lie that calls the threat of death and the strategy of destruction peace. To rage against complacency. To restlessly seek that recklessness that will challenge and seek to change human history until it conforms to the norms of the Kingdom of God. And remember the signs of the Christian Church have been the Lion, the Lamb, and the Fish... but never the chameleon.
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At 10/02/2007 08:29:00 AM, Blogger jhimm

i personally find divine wrath pretty easy to understand. i struggle a lot with what i'll call a righteous indignation complex.


At 10/07/2007 07:17:00 PM, Blogger Jen

Mike- today was the first time I let myself get "pissed off" at the guns in the street. I was pissed that I had to walk passed at least 5 visible guns on the 1/3 mile hike to our house and whoever knows how many gunmen in hiding. I was pissed at imagining myself trying to fall alseep another night to the sound of guns and fireworks. But the reason I am so pissed is because I still have no idea what to do to eradicate the problems.


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