Saturday, March 21, 2009
GENERATE Magazine Launches!

Our Emergent friend Makeesha Fisher has been working on putting together a magazine for the emerging church for some years now, and I'm excited that GENERATE Magazine is finally getting off the ground. From the website:
GENERATE exists as a forum to retell the stories of the grassroots communities and individuals who are finding emergent and alternative means to follow God in the Way of Jesus. We hope to create an artifact of this historical conversation. These stories will be transmitted through narrative, works of visual art, documented performances, verse, fiction, non-fiction, essays, and interviews.

We/you are the conversation; our art, our lives, our hopes and failures all meet up with God’s approaching dreams for creation. We converse and in doing so spread the news that we are not alone — that joy is found in our generative friendship.

The first issue will be printed this summer, and they've put out a general call for submissions:
We are seeking writers, poets, thinkers, artists, bloggers, tricksters, students, educators, musicians, clergy, skeptics, mystics, sinners and saints — plus everyday janes and joes — to submit original, recent works that explore, probe, rethink/reframe, question, hack, contemplate, and offer insight into the growing global conversation about following God in the Way of Jesus — its intersections, its life, its resultant creativity and community practice.
They're also offering live coverage of The Emerging Church: Conversations, Convergence and Action Conference in Albuquerque this weekend, via a special online preview edition, on

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