Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Austin Emergents Make the Front Page
Apparently this article about the emerging church (and more specifically about several emerging churches in Austin, Texas) was on the front page of the Austin American-Statesman this past Sunday. Given that Austin is my wife's hometown and where my in-laws live, I'm pleased to see them getting some coverage there.

The article was actually pretty good. I was pleased to see that they highlighted both the missional/lifestyle aspects of emergent as well as the stylistic stuff and the theological stuff. (Actually they didn't get much into the theological stuff except to quote a few conservative pastors who were concerned about emergents "denying the existence of objective truth".)

Hopefully this article will help these churches and the Austin Emergent Cohorts gain some more momentum. There is also going to be an Emergence Conference sponsored by Zondervan in October. If you live in Texas you should go and say hi to Doug Pagitt and Scot McKnight for me.


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