Saturday, February 26, 2005
6 Commandments of Generation X
Okay, so I swiped this from Karen Ward's blog. I liked it so much that I hoped she wouldn't mind.

bob carlton had a post on his blog about someone's post of the
Six Commandments of Baby Boomers

1. Thou Shalt Be Hip.
2. Accommodate to the Culture to Keep Thyself Relevant.
3. Honor Thine Individuality.
4. Thou Shalt Forget History.
5. Thou Shalt Feel Guilty for Selling Out.
6. Thou Shalt Question Authority.

unwilling to let the boomers best us, here are my
6 Commandments of Generation X.

1. Thou Shalt NOT Have Commandments
(we are free-range, so there!)

2. If we had commandments, being hip can't be one of them.
(you can't try to be hip, you just are, or are NOT)

3. Thou Shalt NOT Be Sold
(we hate marketing and pandering, ugh. relevant is not in our vocabulary, but authentic is)

4. Honor Thy Friends - the rat pak of our lives
('I'll Be There For You' = gen xer national anthem)

5. Thou Shalt Dumpster Dive & Rummage Through History
(we need connections to the past to move into the future)

6. Ignore Authority
(fight the power = boomer rubbish. why bother, eh?
we vote with our feet and our mouse)
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