Thursday, May 26, 2005
Go West Young Man...
Well, we're off today on our big roadtrip out west. We're heading first to a wedding in Colorado for one of our best friends' John Cranmer and his fiance Lisa. There's a bachelor party Friday night, a picnic Saturday morning the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Saturday night, and the wedding and reception Sunday afternoon, so it should be a pretty full weekend. We're especially looking forward to seeing many of our college friends for the first time in years.

After the festivities we'll be heading across the Rocky Mountains to Yosemite to join up with Julie's family. We've been there once before and it is simply an awe-inspiringly beautiful place. We can't wait to be back there.

After Yosemite we'll be heading south to Las Vegas where we'll stay for a couple of nights just to experience the town. We may try some of the casinos, or just walk through the hotels, though the main thing we want to do is lay by the pool and maybe go to the Star Trek Experience. (That's how big of nerds we are.)

After Vegas we'll head east to the Grand Canyon on our way to Albuquerque where we'll be staying a couple of nights with our good friends the Berners who moved there from Wheaton over a year ago.

It should be a great trip. We'll be back on the 8th of June. See ya! :D

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