Friday, December 01, 2006
Blizzard of December '06
We got dumped on today. The snow started about 8pm last night and didn't let up till after noon today. The whole city came to a standstill. Travel times into downtown Chicago were over 2 hours from the outlying suburbs. Out here in Yorkville we probably got up to a foot of snow. The Department of Transportation was telling people to stay off the roads and anyone who actually went out and tried to drive in it was pretty much nuts. Of course, I still had to work. Since I only live about five blocks away from the coffee shop I couldn't very well use the snow as an excuse to stay home. Turned out to be a waste of time though, as we only had about a half-a-dozen customers all morning anyway.

Once I got home we bundled Emma up in her snow suit and took her out to play in the snow. (As soon as she saw it this morning she started saying "snowman, snowman!") She could barely move, but seemed to enjoy the snow for the most part - especially when mommy hit daddy in the face with a snowball! We made a tiny little snow angel and tried to build a snowman but the snow wasn't too good for packing yet.

I love these kinds of big snowstorms. This is what winter should be like. Down here in Chicago the snow never sticks around long enough. We get a few dumpings throughout the winter but they're usually gone within a week or two. Of course, it'll still be bitterly cold until April. That's what I hate about it. If it's going to be cold, it ought to at least snow. When it snows you can get out and enjoy it, and you can get all cozy inside and enjoy the beauty of it through your windows while holding a cup of hot chocolate. That's what this season is all about.

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At 12/01/2006 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Erin

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the snow, Mike! Our forecast said we were supposed to get over a foot of snow in Grand Rapids, but we ended up only getting a couple inches. :-( (We still had a snowball fight in the seminary parking lot, though!)


At 12/02/2006 06:22:00 AM, Blogger dan h.

We were supposed to get 3-6 inches, and only had a few flakes.


At 12/03/2006 12:44:00 AM, Anonymous J. Michael Matkin

We were at the leading edge of all this mess here in the Northwest. I sat and watched Sunday as twelve inches fell over the course of several hours. Up on Mt. Baker, sure, but down here on the coast?!? Yikes.

The worst part is that nobody here is used to driving in the snow, so they're all over the place. The kids absolutely adored it, though, which is good because we were pretty well locked in most of the week.


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