Friday, February 23, 2007
Walking away from church and walking back
An old childhood friend of mine (who now lives in my wife's hometown of Austin, TX) recently posted about his own spiritual journey - why he walked away from the church and why he came back (though not in exactly the same way). It's a good read and echoes a lot of what I've heard from my other atheist friends about why they walked away from conservative Christianity and religious faith in general - as well as why many of them continue to be involved in alternative kinds of religious communities (like the Unitarian/Universalist Church). Of course, I have my own reasons for not taking the same path described here (I think discovering the Emerging Church about 5 years ago helped a lot with that - it gave me an alternative between conservative Christianity and atheism), but I can sympathize with his questions and reasons for rejecting traditional Christianity.

You can read about Michael's journey here:

Part One - I Walked Away

Part Two - I Walked Back
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