Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Ask God
Back in January I filmed an episode of a new show for the Total Living Network called Ask God. The first three pilot episodes will be airing over the next few days.

The format of the show was some short clips of "man-on-the-street" interviews where they invited people to ask God any question they wanted answered. Then a panel of clergy and theologians (of which I was a member for one of the shows) attempted to answer the questions. The topic for our show was "Is Hell Even Real?" Other shows (of which I was not a part) answer the questions "Does God Play Favorites?" and "What's Heaven Like?" If these pilots do well then TLN will pick up the show for a full season next Fall, and if they liked me in particular then I'll be invited back to do some of the new shows. It was pretty fun and gave me a chance to present a more "emerging" perspective on these issues.

If you want to watch the pilot episodes they're airing on TLN (channel 74 in my area if you have Comcast) according to the schedule below:

Ask God #1: Favorites - 5/17 at 8pm, 5/19 at 7pm, 5/26 at 6pm
Ask God #2: Hell - 5/24 at 8pm & 5/26 at 8pm
Ask God #3: Heaven - 5/31 at 8pm & 6/2 at 8pm

(All the times are Central Standard Time.)

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