Sunday, October 21, 2007
Welcome to Monsantoland

If you've ever wondered who the "bad guys" are, the Monsanto Company, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, would qualify. These are the folks who are creating and dumping all kinds of chemical toxins into our environment, as well as creating genetically modified crops that they alone hold the patents to, thereby forcing farmers to pay Monsanto year after year for their seed rather than being able to become self-sustaining. They are also known for putting heavy political pressure on the FDA to approve foods and chemicals that have not been sufficiently tested and are potentially harmful, as well as for pressuring news outlets not to run negative stories about Monsanto.

To read more about Monsanto's abuses click here or here.

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At 10/21/2007 10:05:00 PM, Blogger Angela

I couldn't agree more. This has weighed heavily on my heart for many years as I have acquaintances who who work for Monsanto (and who are followers of Christ). Please pray especially for Jeff, who has a position of considerable responsibility within the company, and also for his wife. Thank you.


At 10/21/2007 11:14:00 PM, Blogger Mike Clawson

Will do Angela... one of the things I've gleaned from various sources is that often even folks within corporations are either unaware of the things their own employers are doing, or are powerless to change them. Even CEO's who want to do good and act ethically have their hands tied by the "system" (i.e. shareholders and corporate charters that require them to maximize profits at the expense of all other considerations). I don't know whether this is the case at all with Monsanto (as we've seen with Enron, sometimes the guys at the top really are just apathetic, unethical pricks) but one can hope that there are more people like your friend Jeff within Enron that might be able to work for change.

It does raise an interesting ethical dilemma though. If a drug dealer or prostitute became a Christian wouldn't we want to encourage them to find a new profession? Wouldn't we say that their current job was contrary to following the way of Christ? What then should we say to employees of Monsanto? Is what they are doing any less unethical than these other professions? (One could actually argue that it is far worse, at least in the scope of its impact.)


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