Saturday, April 26, 2008
Thanks Donald Miller!
So for the second time now we've had someone find our little house church here in Yorkville, Illinois thanks to Donald Miller's book Blue Like Jazz. No, Miller doesn't mention us; but he does mention his own church Imago Dei in Portland. And Imago Dei has an FAQ page where they direct people to to find other churches like them in other parts of the country. And our church is listed there on the page for churches in Illinois. So, after this long and tortuous journey through the underbelly of the internet, they eventually find us, and then either just show up on a Sunday morning, or, in this most recent instance, shoot me an email and ask about visiting. (To which I replied that since she is in the Loop, and Sunday trains wouldn't get her out to Yorkville in time for our gathering, she's better off trying out some of the great emerging churches down in the city.)

How random is that?

But hey, thanks Donald!
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At 4/26/2008 11:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Mark Driscoll rocks!!!!!


At 4/27/2008 12:21:00 AM, Blogger Mike Clawson

I sincerely disagree Nony Mouse, though I'm not sure what what has to with my post at all anyway.


At 4/27/2008 01:41:00 AM, Blogger Charlotte Wyncoop

How many is that Mike? I think we've had more visitors find us through the internet than have walked through our doors...

Do it say something about our culture or our church?


At 4/27/2008 10:35:00 AM, Blogger Julie

cuz Donald Miller has about the same views of women as Driscoll... part of why I've never read his books.


At 4/27/2008 01:44:00 PM, Blogger Mike Clawson

Let's see Char, of the people we still have around, April, Jen, and Randy and Nancy found us online. There was also Brandy, and those visitors from Crystal Lake, Jon Press who visited with his family a while back, and I think a handful of other visitors. So yeah, I think it's at least 50/50 for people finding us online vs. some other means. I've often wondered whether, if we were more centrally located in Chicagoland, i.e. more accessible, if we might not have more people that would find us online and come visit.


At 4/29/2008 09:21:00 AM, Blogger dan h.

Hey Mike,
Even my little country church gets most of our visitors from the internet anymore. So I don't know if being in the city makes that much difference or not.



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