Tuesday, June 17, 2008
A Little Mastermind

With his fingers intertwined like this and the look on his face, I can't help but think he looks like some evil mastermind - like he's saying "I have you now Mr. Bond!" :)

Julie has posted more about Aidan at our Baby Blog. First there is the Birth Story. Then, if you're interested, she posted about why we chose the names we did (both for him and for Emma). Regarding Aidan's middle name, Elessar, here is what she said:

With Aidan we went with another Lord of the Rings middle name. If you didn't know, Elessar is Aragorn's elvish name (he was raised by the elves) and the name he assumes once he becomes King. The term elessar actually refers to a green jewel (in a ring of course) that contains a bit of a star (making it apropos to pair with Aidan). But the person who has the right to wear the stone is also referred to as the elessar - a person who is a healer. In LOTR Aragorn shows that he is a healer as well as a leader and King. But the idea behind this type of healer is not just one who can heal physical wounds, but one who can look at any person or situation and see the good underneath. The healing occurs by the elessar being able to bring forth the inherent good in people and in the world. I loved that concept and pray that my child can be one of those who see that "there's good in this world and it's worth fighting for." (and yes, we are complete nerds as well...).

I also really like this picture, taken on Father's Day, with me and my two kids.

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