Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Pete Rollins coming to Austin this weekend
If you're anywhere in central Texas you'll want to come to this:

Peter Rollins - Lessons of Evandalism
Saturday, February 14, 2009
10:00am - 3:00pm
Journey Imperfect Faith Community
3009 Industrial Blvd, Austin, TX
Suggested Donation: $20

Journey Imperfect Faith Community will be hosting Peter Rollins, Irish philosopher of religion and a leading thinker in emergent christian theology. Pete is one of the most important voices speaking about where Christianity is heading in the 21st century. Come hear Peter speak and interact with him as he discusses ‘Lessons of Evandalism.’ A suggested donation of $20 is requested to support the event. All proceeds will go to Peter to assist his work with the IKON community in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Here is Pete’s summary of the Lessons of Evandalism tour:

The current religious landscape is cluttered with various expressions of faith that claim to rethink Christianity at the dawn of a new cultural epoch. However such groups often accomplish little more than the repackaging and redistribution of faith as we currently understand it. A repackaging that involves flashing lights, video projectors and ‘culturally sensitive’ leaders who can talk about the latest mediocre pop sensation.

Throughout his Spring 09 tour Peter will be arguing that, in the midst of this arid landscape, there exist small but fertile sites of resistance. Groups who offer a way of thinking that not only challenges the way we express faith but fundamentally ruptures the way we understand it. He will argue that these pockets of resistance represent a growing, organic movement that are proclaiming the death of God, church and religion as we know them in preparation for their resurrection in a radically different form.

Through a mix of parables, philosophy and discussion Peter will be exploring the theoretical kernel of this emerging movement and addressing its dangerous, revolutionary and transformative potential.

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