Monday, June 08, 2009
Where In the World is the Church Emerging?
Even as debate erupts across the blogosphere about whether Emergent is fizzling as a movement, those of us still committed to the friendships and ideas we've found here are going ahead with ideas for how to keep the ball rolling and continue to get more and more people connected with the conversation. A few days ago I posted a question here at my blog and at the Emergent Village Cohort Leaders Google Group about what Emergent Village could do to help emergent-leaning folks in rural areas get connected with one another and with the broader emerging conversation, whether through cohorts or other means. The ensuing discussion was very productive, and has resulted in a project to create a comprehensive google map of what's going on in the Emergent Village world.

In keeping with Emergent Village's desire to be a network of emerging people and communities, the goal with this map will be to create a resource to help network folks with what is going on in their own local area, or help them start something new if there isn't anything already. This will include existing cohorts, as well as any "emerging churches" who don't mind being listed on the Emergent Village website.* The map will also include individuals who are interested in being a part of a cohort, but don't currently have one near them. Our hope is that as more people add themselves to this map, it will become a lot easier for them to find one another and start new cohorts.

We've decided to start by open-sourcing this map, basically letting anyone and everyone who wants to add themselves or their faith community - no gatekeepers or approval system, though those of us in the cohort network will help make sure it stays free of trolls. We'll start passing the link to the map around through blogs/Twitter/Facebook, etc. (that's where you come in :) and inviting folks to add their churches and cohorts (or themselves if they're not yet part of one and want to be). Hopefully it will snowball, and in a few weeks or months we'll have a thorough and exciting map of what is going on and where. How cool will it be to be able to see just how much this conversation has grown in the past decade!

So here's the link again. I hope you'll help us create this thing!

*Of course we realize that there may be emerging ministries out there who do not wish to be "affiliated" with Emergent Village in any official way, for any variety of reasons, even if just on a google map. Nonetheless, those of us in the Emergent Village are happy to partner with any faith community that doesn't mind calling itself a "friend of Emergent Village," and hope that many communities will choose to add themselves to our map.

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At 6/08/2009 10:05:00 AM, Anonymous Rachel H. Evans

This is a great start. Thanks so much for listening to our thoughts and putting the map together. Very cool.


At 6/08/2009 12:42:00 PM, Blogger Blake Huggins

Wow, what a great resource! Thanks for putting this together.


At 6/13/2009 04:48:00 PM, Blogger g13

cool map mike. thanks!


At 6/25/2009 04:52:00 PM, Anonymous TJ

"no gatekeepers or approval system, though those of us in the cohort network will help make sure it stays free of trolls"


How emergent of you!


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