Wednesday, April 06, 2005
A Modern Day Martyr

If you haven't yet heard of Sister Dorothy Strang, I'd encourage you to read the story of her death here. She was an American woman who spent her life with the poor and the powerless in Brazil, and gave her life to defend God's creation. This past February the 74-year-old nun was assassinated by hitmen hired by the powerful logging and ranching industry moguls who wanted her dead for her unwavering stand against the destruction of the Amazon rainforests. She knew that deforestation was not only harmful to the planet as a whole, but also to the poor local farmers who depended on the forest for sustenance.

The assassins, who have been caught and confessed to the murder, said that even as the held Sister Stang at gunpoint she pulled out her Bible and began to read to them.

Her death is not in vain however. Her murder has apparently shamed the Brazilian government into finally taking some action. Shortly after her death they declared 20 million acres of forest in the region where Sister Stang lived to be forever untouchable by loggers and ranchers.

Sister Stang is an inspiring example of a Christian who lived her life after the way of Jesus, offering hope to the poor and working to save God's creation. May God rest her soul.

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That was a great witness.


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