Friday, January 20, 2006
Vision Team Kick-Off
We had a great time with our first Vision Team Meeting last night. There were a dozen of us here in our living room and we spent a lot of time laughing, getting to know each other better, sharing dreams, and talking about specifics for the new church. While our time ran long and we didn't get to talk as much about the Vision as I would have liked, we did give everyone our Vision Document that we've been working on for the past few weeks. In its forty pages we lay out our Vision, Values, Beliefs, Strategy, Timeline, and more. Here's what we said about our Vision:

Our vision is at the heart of who we are and what we are trying to be as a church. These are our dreams for the kind of church we can become. We dream of a church that is...

Mission Driven active community that doesn't just seek to enjoy God's blessings for ourselves, but to also be a blessing to the people, the community and the world around us.

Worship Centered

...a worshiping community that values creativity and diversity in the multitude of ways that we seek to experience the joy of God's presence.

Grace Giving

...a warm, welcoming community that extends the love of Christ to people of all types and at all points on their spiritual journey towards God.

Culturally Engaged open community that interacts with our emerging postmodern culture in humble, relevant and constructive ways, believing that we will often find God outside the walls of the church.

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