Sunday, January 14, 2007
First Day in Our New Space
Today was our first day in the new space for our church. Everything went really well. Setup didn't take long and wasn't stressful. The setting was comfortable. We had a good time and were able to utilize the extra room to do things like prayer stations. We had about 30 people come, some visitors, and some folks who had only been there a few times before. In all, it was a good start. There is potential to be creative in how we decorate and utilize the space, but for now we want to keep things simple.

Honestly, it felt good to be somewhere new. It felt like we were making progress. It felt like we finally had room to grow and could start gaining some real steam. I'm hoping that our mailer for the February 11th kick-off, followed by a few rounds of door hangers and a food drive in early-April will help the community gain more awareness of us over the next few months and start attracting new families. Now that we have room to grow I don't feel so ambivalent about encouraging the growth.

It's good to have a home!

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At 1/15/2007 09:10:00 AM, Anonymous Kent

Congratulations! Enjoy the space. and again thanks for the time Friday.


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