Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Interviewed by WORLD
I was recently interviewed by WORLD On the Web, the online branch of WORLD Magazine, a Christian news magazine with an unapologetically conservative bias. The interview was for an article entitled "Young evangelicals leaving conservatism".

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first about doing the interview given World's extreme rightward tilt. I wasn't sure how they'd spin it. However, writer Emily Rahe did a fine job of representing my comments and weaving them into a very fair article. (Though some of the comments on the article are amusing to say the least.) The article was simply informative, describing the trend of many younger evangelicals towards a broader political agenda that includes issues like Creation Care, poverty, and social justice.


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At 2/05/2008 08:44:00 AM, Blogger Nicholas Price

Hey Mike,
I hope you don't mind, but I just referenced the article that you were in on the Newsweek/Washington Post site "On Faith". Jacques Berlinerblau of Georgetown University has been hosting a particular blog entitled "The God Vote" at this site which discusses the intersection of religion and politics in the present political race. His most recent post was about evangelicals and political issues at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration in Atlanta. I referenced the article in my response to his post. If you want to check it out you should visit:


Thanks again for your insightful posts.


Nicholas Price


At 2/05/2008 11:37:00 AM, Blogger Mike Clawson

Thanks Nicholas, the article was interesting, but unfortunately I couldn't find your comment on it. Is it up yet?


At 2/06/2008 02:52:00 PM, Blogger gerbmom

Well, I must say you sure stirred up a tempest in a teapot over this one. LOL. At least it kept me from being terribly bored at work today.
Wow - maybe people should read what you say, and not just respond to what they think you say.
You little "hate filled Christian, you!" ;)


At 2/06/2008 03:14:00 PM, Blogger Nicholas Price

Hey Mike,
Yeah....I dunno why it's not up. Usually they post comments within a few hours of their submission. I'll have to check on that. If it is put up I will let you know....or I'll just re-submit it ;)


Nicholas Price


At 2/07/2008 08:35:00 AM, Blogger PrincessMax

Hi Mike,

I posted about the article on my blog if you want to check it out.

I was really supposed to be writing a paper about the transaction costs of the make or buy decisions that the government makes regarding navy technology and shipbuilding acquisitions.

Oops. :-)



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