Thursday, February 12, 2009
Emerging Parents blog Re-launch
Julie has redesigned and re-launched the Emerging Parents blog, which began following the 2007 Emergent Glorieta Gathering, but never really got very far for a number of reasons. Now it's got a new look and more complexity (thanks to WordPress) and a dedicated URL ( She's also asked several other folks to help her moderate it, and invited anyone who wants to submit articles. (Send them to emergingparents(at)gmail(dot)com.)

As she says on the welcome page:

Emerging Parents is a safe place for those involved in the emerging church conversation to explore holistic parenting ideas. We seek to discuss how we can follow Christ as parents, integrating our emerging faith and practices in with how we raise our kids. This is a place to explore, to suggest, to share, to question, and to support. All are welcome (non-parents included!) to join the conversation here.

Go check it out.

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