Monday, June 29, 2009
Emergent Ouliers Virtual Cohort
A few weeks ago I started a conversation about what to do for emergent folks in rural areas - people who want to be part of the emerging conversation but might not be able to find other emergent folks in their area. A lot of good idea came out of this discussion, including a new google map intended to help connect folks to one another and to existing groups. Another project that has emerged is a new online cohort called "Emergent Ouliers".

Started by Gideon Addington, Blake Huggins, Matt Scott, and Drew Tatusko, the site describes itself as:
...all about bringing together all of us wayward Emerging Church enthusiasts who don’t have a cohort, would like a more active community. Currently, this will be centered in an online Theology Book Club (starting this month with John Caputo’s On Religion) with video chats for meetings. We’ll also be sharing some writing and trying to get the conversation moving. This is not an alternative or competitor with Emergent Village, of course – but rather a central hub for those of us who do not have ‘real life’ Emergent communities of our own.
If you're in need of something like this, I hope you'll join in.

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At 6/29/2009 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Blake Huggins

Hey Mike. Thanks for the link. And thanks for sparking the initial conversation!


At 6/29/2009 01:07:00 PM, Anonymous Miko

That sounds like a fantastic project and I wish it lots of luck. In fact, I'm surprised that something like this didn't sprung up long ago: the Emergent movement is the perfect example of a decentralized bottom-up community that can flourish using these sorts of technologies.


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