Sunday, April 18, 2010
What I'll be doing for the next four years...

For those of you who aren't Facebook friends with me (or missed the one random post where I announced it), I guess I should mention here that I got in to Baylor University for their PhD program in Religion. I'll be studying Church History, and, more specifically, the historical roots of the emerging movement in America.

I was wait-listed about a month and a half ago, so it's been a little nerve wracking, and I had already started exploring a few other options before I got word that I was accepted. However, now that I'm in I'm excited to be starting studies either next Fall or this June (depending on whether I can place out of the German reading class). So yeah, that's what I'll be doing for the next four years of my life :)


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At 4/18/2010 12:36:00 AM, Blogger FriendlyAtheist

Congratulations, Mike! What will you be doing with that PhD afterwards?


At 4/18/2010 05:54:00 AM, Blogger Nathan P. Gilmour

Congratulations again, man. Just be careful not to put all your chips on four years--I'm finishing up year five of my own Ph.D work, and I probably won't defend the dissertation until year six.

Just keep the next deadline in sight, and make sure that progress on the dissertation stays on your list of deadlines.


At 4/18/2010 06:15:00 AM, Blogger Rachel

Nice work! We need more research on that! I took a class last semester looking at 19th century branches off of mainline Christianity, hoping for a little on emerging churches...

but nada.

Best of luck! Don't forget to sleep!


At 4/18/2010 08:46:00 AM, Blogger CaptainTux

Part of me wants to congratulate you and the other part wants to beg you to reconsider. Everyone I know who has gotten his or her PhD has become a douche ...which is weird because most of the senior citizen PhD's I have met are really laid back...which suggests either they grow out of douchery or we have a generational distinctive at work here.

Congrats! Stay cool. :)


At 4/18/2010 11:31:00 AM, Blogger Rachel

I meant 20th century. Sigh.


At 4/18/2010 01:24:00 PM, Blogger Steve K.

congrats, Mike!


At 4/18/2010 08:55:00 PM, Blogger Mike Clawson

Thanks y'all.

Hemant - my goal is to become a professor and teach.

And yeah, I'm sure the whole process will take more than 4-years, but the course work portion of it will be done in about four years, and I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing or where I'll be after that as I finish up the dissertation... so yeah, at this point only the next four years are planned out.


At 4/18/2010 09:07:00 PM, Blogger Andy Culbertson

Congratulations, Mike! I'll be interested to see your research ... whenever that will be. :)


At 4/19/2010 11:20:00 PM, Anonymous Autumnal Harvest

Congratulations, Mike. Have fun!

(Don't listen to Captain Tux. I have a Ph.D., and I'm not a douche, am I? . . . [crickets] Or, anyway, if I am, I was before getting my Ph.D. :) )


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