Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Emergent Women's ReGathering
This past weekend my wife, Julie, had a chance to attend the Emergent Women's ReGathering. The official description of the event was:

The Round Barn Re-Gathering is bringing together a group of strong, gifted, and wise women who love God, and are seeking faithfully to do God's will. Each one is an expert in her own right, and possesses much that can enrich and encourage others. And each wise soul is her own best teacher, able to learn and discern and grow as she listens well to the stories of others and hears anew her own story. Over the next day and a half, we hope to create space and opportunity to do just that. Using the metaphor, "jeans that fit" we will be sharing our lives, and inviting one another into a place of listening to our own souls for fresh inspiration, new insight, and increased strength to live our lives in ways that honor who God has called us to be.

Julie said it was a great experience and came back inspired and motivated. I for one was thrilled to see her have a chance to connect meaningfully with other women in ministry, to feel like she is part of the conversation too and not just following my lead.

You can read about her experiences as she posts her journal entries from the weekend over at her blog.


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