Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Corporate Media Bias
This past January, in a speech to the National Conference on Media Reform, journalist Bill Moyers had this to say about the media bias against Fair Trade in favor of the corporate free trade agenda:

"For over a decade, free trade has hovered over the political system like a biblical commandment striking down anything - trade unions, the environment, indigenous rights, even the constitutional standing of our own laws passed by our elected representatives - that gets in the way of unbridled greed. The broader negative consequences of this agenda, increasingly well-documented by scholars, get virtually no attention in the dominant media."

Sojourners has a revealing article about this media bias in their most recent issue on Trade Justice.

But honestly, what else would we expect from a media that is itself owned by big, multi-national corporations that don't want any governmental authorities or ethically minded citizens telling them who they can and cannot exploit?

For more on Fair Trade, click here.


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