Thursday, June 14, 2007
Ethical Clothing

I don't mind using this blog to advertise as long as it's for companies that are worth promoting. One such company is Indigenous Designs Fair Trade & Organic Clothing. I recently bought a new hemp shirt from them, and included with it was a card that read as follows:

The care for this garment starts long before it is ever taken home and worn. We begin with a deep respect for artisans, then combine the finest ecological materials and skillfully blend them into exquisite, hand-made, contemporary designs.

We are committed to:
  • Fair trade practices
  • Organic and natural fibers
  • Environmentally friendly dyes
  • Empowering women's co-ops
  • Quality hand-knit detail

"Our path is chosen. We make clothing that honors both people and the planet."
-Scotty & Matt
These are the kind of companies we need more of; and if we, the consumers, start demanding products that live up to these principles then there will be more of them. That's one of the few good things about capitalism - it's based on the law of supply and demand, so if we want to increase ethical practices in business then all we have to do is to demand that the products we buy live up to these standards.

Right now the Indigenous Designs website is working towards a relaunch of their catalog so you can't order from them directly. However, you can find their stuff (and stuff from other companies like them) at BTC Elements.


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