Tuesday, February 17, 2009
New Emerging Sermons Site
As the pastor of a small emerging church, I often lamented the lack of practical resources out there for people like me. When preparing sermons and worship services I would often have to scour the internet for ideas that fit with our approach to faith and our practice of church. As many other emergent types can probably attest, as part of this movement you often feel caught in a sort of no-man’s land. Not quite evangelical, not quite mainline; not conservative, but not entirely liberal either; open to liturgy and historic traditions, but not bound to them. Our church also faced the additional complication that we didn’t do traditional sermons so much as interactive, guided discussions.

It's for this reason that I've decided to make available the sermons resources I created myself for this context. I've created an Emerging Sermons site where (over time) I will post all of my service and sermon outlines, including prayers, activities, readings, etc. as well as many of the powerpoint slides we used. My hope is that they will serve as an inspiration and tool for others.

Right now there are just a few sermons up, but I will continue to post more of them over the next few months until all of them are online. Feel free to make use of it.

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At 2/17/2009 07:18:00 PM, Blogger Nathan P. Gilmour

Sounds like a good idea, Mike. If this doesn't fit your concept at all that's fine, but if you want to provide a link to some educational materials for adults, you can feel free to link to my Sunday school resource page with a disclaimer that no self-respecting emerger would do anything as square as Sunday school. :)

If the resources don't fit what you're doing, as I said, don't feel like you have to do anything with the link.


At 2/18/2009 12:25:00 PM, Blogger gerbmom

Awesome! You're finally getting this project going! And really, I'm ready to go back over some of that stuff myself, yet again - since I am churchless at the moment. Thanks for putting it up! :)


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