Friday, February 20, 2009
More -mergent groups
Rick Bennett has a hilariously satirical post about the proliferation of -mergent hybrid groups recently (e.g. Anglimergent, Presbymergent, Queermergent, etc.). He describes a number of other -mergent groups that could exist, for instance:

for emerging churchers that still like the KJV (or guys with tats of 1611 KJV on their backs, along with Celtic crosses).

the fine line between Relevant magazine, cool churches with smoke machines, killer bands and hot java, but little theology and the Emerging church conversation. These guys like being cool, but they like poor people (kinda). They will do whatever it takes to make Emergent cooler (get rid of the theology, all the talk about post-Colonialism and start dressing better). These people like Rob Bell, but don't really get Rob Bell (they just like the glasses and video).

for those that cannot stop whining about how bad the local church is and how no one will ever understand how much pain and suffering they have incurred through Evangelicalism and fundamentalism (and their girlfriend) and how even the house church and Emergent worlds are hurtful. They are easy to spot because they never take off the hoodie and you cannot see their eyes.

Others on his list include ORmergent, Islamergent, Hebremergent, Orthomergent, Buddhamergent, Pipermergent, CCMergent, Scientolergent, Mormergent, Mermergent, and Familergent. Click here to read about the rest of these.

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